Bloom - A beautiful Process of Becoming

Bloom - A beautiful Process of Becoming

We are all in a constant state of becoming but did you know that growth is a core human need?

Yes, we literally need it. We have six core needs as humans - certainty, variety, significance, love and connection, growth & contribution. Growth, specifically, is a need for our spirit and affects whether or not we feel fulfilled and happy. Stagnation deflates the soul, while growth ignites it.

God is much more likely to direct our path when we are in growth than when we are stagnant. I love the phrase, God can’t move a parked car but he can direct one that is already moving.

Ever feel in a rut?

Of course you have, we all get in them from time to time. All it really means is it’s time for change - it’s time for growth. I get in a dinner rut all the time! And, every single time, what’s the cure? Shake it up a bit! Newness = end of rut. So, next time you feel yourself getting into a rut, notice it and confront it by shaking things up a bit. Actively take steps to grow in some way. Add a new routine, try something new, learn something new, find something that brings you excitement and fun! The options are honestly endless.

This time of year is often when we feel desperate for something to change! Spring is so close that we can feel it, we’re so eager for the change to come that we can hardly wait for it to happen! We are sick and tired of cold temperatures, short days & lifeless plants around us.


We are ready for change, we are ready for the new growth, we are ready for things to BLOOM around us

Let’s talk about comfort zones.

Most of us have thoughts and beliefs that keep us nice and cozy within our comfort zones, blocking us from the growth we so desperately want and need. Imagine planting seeds for a vegetable garden before first clearing out all the weeds. That would not be the ideal environment for growth, would it?

The same goes for us, we need to conquer the weeds or the internal thoughts and beliefs that are holding us back. And, remember just as in a garden, this is continual work. Just because the weeds are cleared at the beginning of Spring, they will poke their ugly heads back up through the earth and need constant clearing. Clearing the thoughts and beliefs that hold us back from fully blooming need continual maintenance.

It’s a constant battle, but one very worthy of fighting!

Four great things that happen to us when we bloom:

  1. Growth forces you our of your comfort zone - Confronting things that are difficult for you is a sure what for you to grow.
  2. Growth develops your strengths - Focus on improving your weaknesses, and also building on your strengths.
  3. Growth boosts confidence - the more you develop, the more confident you will feel. How you feel inside makes a huge impact on how you present yourself to the world around you.
  4. Growth improves your self-awareness - addressing yourself honestly and improving what you need leads to fulfillment and that brings you joy. 

May something wonderful begin to bloom in your hearts, minds and souls this month!

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“Keep shining beautiful one. The world needs your light.” - unknown

xo, Jamey


Here are some useful journal prompts to help you bloom!