Sending the Gift (box) of Faith

Sending the Gift (box) of Faith

Occasions when she may need a little gift (box) of faith

  • She’s just become a mom - For the 1st time … or the 4th time
  • Whew, motherhood is glor-i-ous but it can also be tough! Whether she’s a first time mom or veteran mom, she is bound to have days or stretches of time where she feels exhausted and utterly overwhelmed by it all.

    Sending a faith gift box to a new mom is fantastic way of sending her not only your love and support but also some much needed re-fueling Soul Kandy to push through all those sleepless nights. We have the perfect gift boxes just for baby and for the mom-to-be too!

  • She’s suffered a loss or heard hard news
  • What do you do when a good friend suffers a loss or hears devastating news? We’ve curated special and unique faith gift boxes just for these tough occasions. You can also build your own gift box so you can add just the right touches you think she will love and need. Cancer care packages and sympathy gift boxes are something we put a lot of thought and love into here at Soul Kandy. We are here to help you love them well when you can’t be there in person.

  • She’s about to start a new journey
  • So many times, we think we only need faith in life’s troubling times but that’s not the cases at all!

    Sometimes we need to lean on our faith the most when we are about to take a big leap. So, if she’s just starting a new career, getting married, moving to a new place or even just starting out in college, we’ve curated faith gift boxes just for these sweet moments in life. Or, you can build your own perfect gift box to celebrate her milestone!


  • She needs a reminder that she is loved
  • Oh man! These are my personal favorites. I just LOVE when women purchase a gift box or multiple gift boxes with the only purpose of lifting up a daughter, sister, co-worker or friend. Honestly, these are the orders that light me up the most. They are self-less, there is no obligation to gift, they are simply LOVE in the form of gifting. 

    Even better are the ones that are purchased to remind the recipient that she is loved and perfectly created by God. Ugh, these are the BEST!! 

    We’ve curated dozens of faith gift boxes that are perfect for random acts of gifting or you can curate your own fatih gift box that has just the right items for her!

    For all of these occasions, please remember we pray over every gift box that leaves us. We have a prayer request field on our orders so you can let us know how we can specifically prayer for her. The details are not shared with the recipient (unless you ask us to) but they will know they have been prayed for.

    Unboxing the A Little Faith Gift Box

    This is one of our best-selling faith gift boxes.

    A peek inside …

    Faith over Fear trucker hat in distressed black 

    Be Still & Know Soy Candle Jar in Sea Salt Jasmine Scent

    Everything is Possible Leather Bracelet with Button Clasp

    HOPE Thoughtful Cards - A set of motivational cards to bring Hope

    There is a Voice that Doesn’t Use Words, Listen Journal

    Black & Gold Polka Dotted Bow Pen

    To view this box: Have a Little Faith Gift Box – Soul Kandy

    If sold out at the time you are reading,  you can view all our faith gift boxes here

    Soul Kandy Faith Gift Boxes

    As always,

    “Keep shining beautiful one. The world needs your light.” - unknown

    xo, Jamey

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