Bloom Gift Box

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The Bloom Gift Box:

A gift box filled with all things she needs to BLOOM ... faith, courage, inspiration and a little self-care! Whatever she may be going through, this box will help you fill her heart & soul so she can face it with all she's got!! Perfect for a cancer care box or other get well/you can do this encouragement box.

The Bloom Box also makes a great just because or birthday gift box, because we don't need to be going through something catastrophic to need a little boost!

The happy and bright color scheme is sure to bring a smile!

This Gift Box Includes:

- 'Bloom where you are planted' Woven Pear ultra soft socks

- 'Courage Dear Hear' 6x6 typography art block

- Small wooden standing cross

- Unwind Aromatherapy bath soak

- Strength Aromatherapy Shower Burst Steamer

- Faith over Fear reusable tote bag

Shipping Details:

Packaged with love | Prayed over | Shipped fast (same day or within 1 business day)

Pat yourself on the back, you're about to win the Best Gift Giver Award ... Hooray for YOU!!

A great gift for so many occasions:

Sympathy Gift | Cancer Care Box | Get Well Gift for Her | Divorce Care Box | Sorry for your Loss Gift | Faith Gift for Women | Christian Faith Gift Box | Encouragement Gift with Faith