soul kandy story

Hi! I’m Jamey Kline, founder of Soul Kandy and I wanted to share a little bit about how and why Soul Kandy was created!

We, as women, wear SO many hats – mother, wife, girl-friend, ex-wife (whatever the case may be), employee or business owner, sister, friend, volunteer, chauffeur, organizer, helper, caregiver, and on and on and on. We often do so much for others that we exhaust ourselves and can even begin to forget who we even are! We look to others around us to make us feel joyful – not realizing that this is completely up to us! We are in control of our own joy and happiness and we need to make it our mission to make that a priority! When we are at our best, our families and friends around us get the best versions of ourselves instead of the worst.

I created Soul Kandy as a monthly reminder to women to prioritize their self care – BUT not for selfish reasons alone. Take care of yourself, SO THAT you can serve your children and families, take care of yourself SO THAT you can serve your friends and the community around you. When our cups are full, we can make a more positive impact on the world around us! 

Soul Kandy is sweet to the soul, bringing women JOY, FAITH & FUN one box at a time!!

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The goal is for every woman who opens a Soul Kandy box feels as if she is beautiful, brave and WORTHY of living a faith led life filled with JOY! I want her to feel cared for and uplifted by each and every box. I want her to love the items in the box and use them herself or stash them away and gift them to a friend at just the right time. Above everything, I want each and every woman receiving Soul Kandy to feel LOVED!

What sets us apart from all the others …

I believe wholeheartedly that giving is better than receiving. I absolutely LOVE planning and shopping for gifts for others. It’s my jam and brings me so much joy. When I created a monthly subscription box I knew some women might not feel comfortable getting something for themselves each and every month but they might love it if they could SHARE it with others too! With that in mind, I created the SPRINKLE SOMEONE feature. A unique and one-of-a-kind feature for subscription boxes. For multi-month (3-month members) and annual members, you can forego a monthly box and GIFT IT TO SOMEONE ELSE – a friend going through a tough time – a sister with a birthday around the corner – your college age daughter right before finals – a co-worker who’s going after that promotion and could use some encouragement – any woman – any reason – GET JOY! GIVE JOY! This brings us back to the main mission – to spread as much joy, faith & fun to as many women as possible! Find out more on our Sprinkle Someone page.

I’m excited, blessed and honored to begin a JOURNEY TO JOY with you!!