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At Soul Kandy, we not only want YOU to have joy, faith & fun in YOUR life, but we want you to have the ability to


Joy, Faith & Fun



We love the SPRINKLE SOMEONE feature

We know that it will feel so awesome to receive these happy doses of JOY, FAITH & FUN each month and we can’t wait for you to start getting yours … BUT … we also know the great JOY you will get from gifting it to others as well!

This is why we’ve developed the SPRINKLE SOMEONE feature! Our mission here at Soul Kandy is to spread as much JOY, FAITH & FUN to women as humanly possible. Allowing our yearly subscribers to SPRINKLE others is a great way to do this!

How it works
For 3-month and yearly subscribers, each month we will send an email asking if you would like to receive that month’s box or if you would like to SPRINKLE SOMEONE.

If you choose to sprinkle, we will collect the name and address from you & ship the box to them along with a “you’ve been sprinkled by” note letting them know it’s from you!

* Don’t worry, if we don’t hear back from the email, the box will be automatically sent to the default address on your original order.

*Not available to month-to-month subscribers*

Available exclusively to 3-month & yearly subscribers
It’s gift giving made easy and is available exclusively to Soul Kandy subscribers!

* Available after your first month

* Boxes cannot be customized – your recipient will receive the pre-curated Soul Kandy box for that particular month.

* Boxes can be shipped within the United States only. International shipping not available.

Joy, Faith & Fun

Our biggest hope is that each Soul Kandy box will bring joy to your life, faith to your heart and a smile to your face… and that the content inside will help you sustain those all month long allowing you to better serve those you love and beyond.